While some basic furniture repairs, such as a missing screw or a torn seam, can be handled directly, it’s best to let a professional furniture repair company in Salt Lake City handle more complex repairs, such as a broken spring, a misaligned joint, or other serious types of damage that result in poor-looking and often unusable furniture. If you have a piece of damaged furniture, don’t simply replace it – contact European Expressions and find out about the possibility of having the furniture repaired and restored to its original condition.

Salt Lake City Furniture Repair

A professional furniture repair company like ours will provide an assessment as well as repairs and we will happily provide an estimate of repair costs free of charge. Most of the time, furniture repairs are a simple job when done by a professional company with skilled and experienced technicians. But even in more complex cases, our company will be able to carefully and thoroughly assess the damage, and provide high quality repairs and restoration that will greatly increase your furniture’s longevity.

When contacting European Expressions, ensure an efficient process by providing details on the type of furniture that is damaged, and the type of damage that has occurred. This will help give us all of the information we need that is required, and we will in turn can gather the tools and parts we will need to adequately repair your piece of furniture. Our goal is to get your furniture looking and functioning like new again, without you having to buy new and incur unnecessary expenses.

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