They can be used in many different places, with the most common application being a window. They rest above the window or doorway, usually covering the curtain bar. It’s a very decorative finish that adds depth, texture, and elegance to a living area.

They can also be used above doorways and beds, as they look absolutely astonishing. curtains will drape from behind the decorated cornice boxes, rather than from unsightly bars and wall mounts. They give the same effect that crowned moulding does, and prevents a room from being too basic or bland in texture. They help to highlight your favorite areas of the home, whether it’s a window offering a picturesque view of a lake during the fall, or a pair of french patio doors that open up to a scenic mountain getaway. They could even be used as part of a lighted wall display of family photos; there are so many uses for decorated cornice boxes.

Cornice Boxes Salt Lake City

Since they come in so many different styles, colors, and even prints, they tend to compliment virtually any home decor style wonderfully. For those who have never seen cornice boxes, they would be rather impressed to see some examples of these cornice boxes and how they influence the decor of a living space within the home.

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